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Right now, I’m a walking example of the downsides of jet lag. My wife and I recently took our two daughters (both under 3) on an extended business trip to Asia. Essentially, we turned our bodily clocks upside down with a 12-hour change, resulting in several days of sleepless nights, crankiness and general mental haze to bookend the trip. Was it worth it? Read more
It seems that from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, technology-based solutions engulf nearly every aspect of our lives. Now, there are a number of companies trying to create tech-based solutions that will also ensure that you get a good night sleep. Read more
Rain and cool temperatures couldn’t dampen spirits at a very brisk Winter Las Vegas Market Jan. 22-26. Market officials declared it the “largest-ever January show” with attendance surpassing last winter’s all-time high. Read more
Adjustable bed manufacturer Reverie has been honored with the Women’s Choice Award for the sixth consecutive year, based on recommendations from its female customers. Read more
Putting forth that “a great bed is more than just a mattress,” Reverie has changed the conversation around marketing adjustable bases. While the company offers and promotes a broad spectrum of mattresses featuring its exclusive DreamCell technology as well as innovative adjustable bases for every budget and every body, the company’s main thrust is the synergy between the two that results in optimal sleep. Read more
Sleep products manufacturer Reverie, with headquarters in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, elevated its adjustable offerings by introducing the Dual Tilt Base. Read more (see pg. 49)
As part of a strategic move to increase its domestic manufacturing, sleep systems manufacturer Reverie will open an Innovation Center in the greater Buffalo area that will serve as the central production facility for its adjustable power bases, the company said. Read more
In a move to maintain its commitment to customer support, sleep systems manufacturer Reverie has ramped up its training support and added two experienced trainers to its team. Read more