At Reverie, we are committed to ensuring that the sales associates presenting our products to customers are equipped with all the tools they need in order to achieve success on the sales floor. As yet another way of fulfilling this commitment, we now offer our world-class training platform BaseFirst. To bring you up to speed, here’s a quick Q&A covering all the whys, whats, and hows of the new program.


Okay, so “world-class training platform”—what exactly are we talking about here?

The idea behind the development of BaseFirst was this: power bases are becoming more and more prevalent on showroom floors, and sales associates need to be provided with the comprehensive training and tools needed to help sell them. Because power beds today are so much more than just beds that move, there’s more to a winning power bed sale than simply demonstrating the bed’s different positions. The BaseFirst program provides your sales staff with the map to this new and expanding territory.

The foundation of BaseFirst is the insight “If you don’t know it, you don’t show it—and if you don’t show it, you won’t sell it.” 

We want to make sure your sales associates are equipped with all of the most up-to-date knowledge on our adjustable power bases, as well as important consumer insights, so that they can be confident when presenting our products on the sales floor.


That all sounds great—but what does this training actually look like?

The entirety of BaseFirst consists of three phases that all combine to give sales associates a well-rounded understanding of power bases and how best to sell them. These three phases are:

  1. Introduction: The program begins with an in-person session covering what makes Reverie power bases unique in the category. This is also the time that sales associates learn about the Reverie power base program in their store.

  2. Hands-on: The next step takes place on the sales floor, where a trainer takes the sales associate through all the steps of a stellar Reverie power base demonstration.

  3. Digital Training & Support: The sales associate’s education continues online, covering subjects essential to the power base sales presentation, such as the impact on sleep health and consumer insights.

The Digital Training & Support phase takes place on the RPN, in a section of the site dedicated to BaseFirst. Through this site, your associates will complete online modules. Each module consists of several short videos covering many different subjects in detail, with a short quiz occurring after each video. If the sales associate gets every quiz question in a module correct, they earn a number of points which they can save up and redeem for various prizes right there through the BaseFirst site.

The modules covered in BaseFirst are:

  • Reverie 101: giving sales associates the opportunity to learn more about the company behind the sleep technology they’re selling.

  • Product 101: covering all that Reverie power bases can do, and why they’re a great addition in customers’ lives.

  • Selling 101: how associates can wow their customers with a power base demonstration.

  • Sleep Health: covering the importance of sleep, and what improving sleep means for both sales associates and their customers.


So you know I have to ask: what am I going to get out of BaseFirst that I don’t have now?

After successfully completing BaseFirst, your sales team will

  • Be better equipped as category experts

  • Have the necessary power base knowledge to match the ever-increasing category growth opportunity

  • Understand the benefits of adjustable power bases, beyond just head and foot adjustability

  • Know the latest in sleep science from our Reverie Sleep Advisory Board

  • Be supplied with real-world consumer insights.

Ultimately, the more that your associates get to know our power bases and the sleep science behind them, the more confident they’ll be in showing the bases to new customers, and we believe from many years of experience that this will lead to even greater power base sales.


Where do I sign up?

Interested in bringing BaseFirst to your sales staff? Simply fill out our interest form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss the next steps!