At Reverie®️, we are committed to always providing you with the highest-quality sleep products that meet the various needs of your customers, both in comfort and budget. As part of this commitment, we recently unveiled a brand-new, diverse power base lineup that meets an entire range of price points from the promotional to the premium.

For your convenience, we’ve outlined for you here every entry in the new lineup along with an explanation of each entry’s best features and benefits.


The O200 is an affordable introduction to power base technology, and is the first level in our OSO Performance by Reverie division of power bases (indicated by an “O” at the beginning of each model name). OSO Performance is an entry-level lineup that allows our partners to be competitive by offering a promotional product and an introduction to power at a lower price point. The O200 allows you to raise your head into multiple positions for sleep and relaxation. The O200 is also Easy-Ship, like all of our OSO bases, meaning that most sizes can be shipped directly to your customers’ homes.



This sleekly-designed power base comes equipped with both head and foot adjustability for a wider-range of comfort at an affordable price. The O300 is the perfect introduction to full adjustability and a chance to experience what a power base can really offer.



The low-profile version of our standard O300, the O350LP is designed with zero clearance, making it a perfect fit for platform or storage bed frames. Like the O300, it also comes with both head and foot adjustability for customizable comfort.



The O300T offers your customers luxurious comfort at a promotional price, thanks to the introduction of our preset Zero Gravity position, which allows you to simulate the out-of-this-world comfort of near-weightlessness. This base also comes equipped with an LED under-bed night light, and the option for customers to program two of their own favorite positions for even greater customizability.



In the O400, sleep technology meets an ahhhhkind of relaxation. The O400 comes with Reverie’s patented 3D-Wave™ massage technology with independent head and foot controls, a whisper-quiet motor, three intensity levels, and a massage timer. To see just what our 3D-Wave massage is capable of, check out the results of the Michigan State University study here.



The R400 is the first level of our Reverie bases, and it comes with not only infinite head and foot adjustability, but also Bluetooth®️ compatibility, allowing you to adjust the bed from your phone using our Reverie Nightstand™ app. But the innovation doesn’t just stop there—coming soon, we’ll be rolling out Reverie Connect to all of our Reverie bases, which will allow for voice compatibility through Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.



The R450HT gives you all the bells and whistles of the R400, and adds to it both the independent head tilt and our state-of-the-art Bluetooth®️ remote. The independent head tilt feature allows for specific, increased head and neck support, without requiring the entire head section of the base to move. Our Bluetooth®️ remote provides the customer with a digital readout showing important information such as their precise massage intensity and the current position of their head and feet.



Think of the R550 as the perfect combination of style and substance. With its grey upholstered top and beautiful hard-body side rails, the R550 is a premium power base with a high-end furniture look. The R550 also comes with all of the premium features expected in a Reverie power base, including 3D-Wave massage, two-way Bluetooth®️ technology, a whisper-quiet lift system, and near infinite user-friendly customizability through your customers’ smart device.



The R500L takes the stylish look and features of the R550 and introduces individual lumbar functionality to the mix, giving you 100 discrete points of lumbar support which allows you to fine-tune the support of your spine. Combined with the smart alarms standard in every Reverie base, giving you the option to wake up in the morning to a soothing massage, the R550L is able to meet your every comfort need and more.



The R650 is not just the most premium offering in our lineup—it’s also one of the highest-quality power bases available, period. The R650 is the only adjustable base on the market offering full body tilt on an axis. This allows the base to tilt forward lower than the head or tilt backwards lower than the feet, while the sleep surface remains flat no matter what. The tilt function also allows for true Zero Gravity, for a weightless feeling without comparison, and unique lounge positions which help to relieve pressure points. Along with all the great features of Reverie bases, the R650 gives your customer a comfort experience they simply can’t get from any other power base manufacturer.


Coming soon

At Reverie, we pride ourselves in offering your customers a completely unique sleep and comfort experience not found anywhere else on the market. In order to offer such a unique experience, we work hard to design innovations that standout in the industry. Keep an eye out for our completely revamped Nightstand app that increases the functionality of our power beds at no extra cost to customers, along with the announcement of another Reverie technological game-changer that will bring even more ease of use and value to your customers, coming soon.

To get more details on the latest Reverie bases, check out our product setups, feature explainers and video tearsheets available here on the RPN!