Pop quiz! Do you know which demographic controls 85% of household spending and has a spending power in the U.S. of $2.4 trillion? We’ll give you a hint: they helped make you, and they’d probably love it if you called them right now—that’s right, we’re talking about mothers.

Not only are moms a huge influence on the purchasing decisions in their own household, but they also wield a ton of influence on another demographic: fellow moms. And with Mother’s Day now upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to reach out to this influential market by helping them get that special something that always seems to be in short supply: sleep!


The hardest job in the world

Studies recommend that pregnant women get nine hours of sleep, one hour more than the standard eight, due to a need to maintain healthy blood pressure, along with their generally greater need for sleep. During pregnancy, sleep is much more important than just “get it if you can”. Research has found that pregnant women who sleep fewer than 6 hours a night are more likely to endure longer labors and are 4.5 times more likely to require a cesarean delivery.

It’s no wonder why pregnancy is so physically taxing—creating a person may be the most taxing act a human being can undergo. The body expends a tremendous amount of energy protecting, nurturing, and growing the fetus.

Mothers-to-be aren’t just building muscle; they’re building flesh, brain cells, and bone from scratch. As a result of the extra blood surging to the uterus, pregnant women usually experience the kind of heightened heart rate and occasional shortness of breath that make it hard to fall into a blissful, untroubled sleep.

Even after giving birth, mothers have to try and sleep around the nighttime feeding schedule of their newborn, followed a couple years later by chasing around a toddler with a seemingly endless amount of energy. Add to this the day-to-day pressures of work and possibly raising multiple little ones at a time, and it’s hard to imagine a more tiring position to be in.

Don’t get us wrong, though—motherhood is a lot more than just an exhausting marathon. It’s also filled with an abundance of joys and warm moments that are unlike any other experience—but it takes getting a good night’s sleep for a mom to be able to appreciate all of the good times along with the tougher ones.

Moms need sleep—here's how we can help


How you can help

Now here’s the great news: as a retailer of awesome sleep products, you can help moms get the better sleep they need by connecting with them and making them aware of the sleep-improving products you have available.

Wondering which products you should focus on selling? Here are two of the most helpful sleep products for moms:

  • Pregnancy pillows:

Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from body length to a simple wedge, but their basic function is to provide relief and support to pregnant women who have to remain in certain sleeping positions throughout the night. Even after pregnancy, these pillows remain useful during nursing, as they can help to prop up both mom and baby into comfortable positions.

  • Adjustable bases: 

Adjustable bases are motorized bed foundations that give the user the ability to raise and lower the position of their bed according to their comfort. This flexibility is perfect for moms, who require more than just a flat surface to get comfortable (or snuggly).

Especially useful for moms is the head-up function of Reverie®️ adjustable bases, which is beneficial during both pregnancy and beyond. For example, during the second and third trimesters, moms are instructed not to lie flat on their backs—but with the head elevation provided by a Reverie power base, moms can enjoy the same pressure relief of lying on their backs while still in a raised position. If a mom has a c-section delivery, the heads-up position is a great help during recovery, as it allows you to get in and out of bed without strain to the stomach or abs. Moms can also rest easy knowing that Reverie sleep systems come backed by the Women’s Choice Award, which we’ve received eight years in a row and counting!


The gift of real rest

As we can all agree, moms are nothing short of superheroes, but even superheroes need a recharge! This Mother’s Day season, let’s give back to moms for coming to the rescue all year round, day in and day out, by helping them get the comfort and rest they really deserve.

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Moms need sleep—here's how we can help