The 2 Most Common Customer Objections & How to Overcome Them
Nick Colello, Reverie National Director of Sales Training

One of the unavoidable realities of sales is that, every once in a while, your customers won’t be immediately won over by the product—sometimes a customer might need further clarification or a better breakdown of exactly why a product is the right fit for them. To help you overcome these customer objections when selling Reverie®️ lifestyle bases, we turned again to our resident expert, Reverie’s Director of National Training Nick Colello. Nick talked with us about what he sees as the two most common objections sales associates may run into, and what the best responses to these objections are.


The 2 most common objections

1. Price

When selling products like a lifestyle base with a higher price tag, you can sometimes run into customers who see the number and reject the product, with the belief that they can get what they need for cheaper. The important thing to remember here, Nick tells us, is that the customer is reacting to the thought of paying the full price all at once. This is where you come in to help break down that price to a manageable and much more realistic actual cost to the customer.

Nick tells us that it’s very important to always talk about the price of the power base in terms of the financing, i.e. “it will actually only cost you x amount per month for one year”. The more you can turn the price tag into an attainable reality for your customer, the less that they’ll be turned away by the sight of the MSRP. As a good example of this: the average MSRP of a queen size velocity base is $999, which breaks down to a price per night (for a year) of $2.74! That’s less than a grande latte from Starbucks.

Nick also reminded us not to forget about the most important value of a Reverie power base—a better night’s sleep! You can never go wrong with investing in your health. Let your customers know that they’re not just paying for something soft to sleep on at night—they’re paying for their most comfortable night of sleep ever. They’re paying for the precise support and adjustability you can’t get with a flat bed. They’re paying for better sleep, which means a better immune system, better heart health, and better performance at work. If you help your customer realize this, they’ll see that a lifestyle base actually more than pays for itself through all the benefits it provides.

2. “It’s just not for me”

Sometimes the customer’s objection may have nothing to do with the base itself, but simply their perception of power bases. Nick tells us that you may run into customers who believe that a lifestyle base is something for the older crowd, or for those with trouble getting in and out of bed. You may hear something along the lines of “This seems more like something my parents might get”. This can also be tied into the price anxiety—they may see a power base as a purchase that they make down the road, maybe a nice luxury to have post-retirement.

But of course as you know, the truth is quite the opposite! As Nick loves to point out, everyone can benefit from a lifestyle base. If you’re talking with a younger customer who sees a lifestyle base as a luxury for someone older, you just need to explain to them how a power base can help them now.

Nick advises that you remind them that our health doesn’t stay in good shape all by itself—if they begin making an investment in better sleep and better lumbar support now, they’ll be preserving their good health and protecting themselves from aches and pains further down the road. Consistently good sleep, as mentioned above, is a great form of preventative medicine.


First things first—just try it!

When we were talking customer objections, Nick stressed the fact that, really, the greatest hurdle for sales associates is just getting customers to try out the beds for themselves. Once they get to experience a Reverie lifestyle base and see what it’s capable of, most often they’re hesitancy and indecision float away. It’s all about properly communicating to the customer the exceptional value of having a lifestyle base.

Even on those rare times when a customer won’t make a final decision then and there, Nick tells us, you should rest easy—if you made a great presentation, then you’ve succeeded in planting a seed of interest in the mind of your customer. You’ve made the idea of adding power to their bed more appealing, and you’ve shown them how it can be a reality. Even if they didn’t commit today, you’ve made it a greater possibility that they will choose a lifestyle base later on.

Need a refresher on the best presentation for Reverie power base? Download our “7 Simple Steps” guide, available right here on the RPN.